• About Us

ROJDA Company has been established and started its activity since 2005.
The company activity was limited initially to supply home life and industrial electrical products from local and international markets such as the markets of China and South Korea, and for the benefit of the local markets and commercial contracts.
Then the commercial activity of the company was developed and enlarged in 2007 to get involved in more business fields.
In 2011, ROJDA made a big step by reaching to Iraqi’s markets. This extending was a necessity to fulfill the huge demands and requirements of the arising and growing markets by importing different and various products from global markets like (China, Turkey, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Germany - Australia, Switzerland and some other European Union countries).And we have very strong and good business relationships with many well-known and famous companies worldwide.
Many products and goods are being manufactured in Rojda company logo and according to our own standards and specifications in a very high quality.
The development process and progress of the markets in northern Syria, and the need for developing the construction of these areas, pushed us to develop ROJDA company for trading and contracting depending on professional staff and employees who has the knowledge and ability in various fields such as civil construction, producing and installing electrical control panel, providing and installing indoor and outdoor lighting, electricity fields and many other fields.

ROJDA Company already performed and achieved many projects and contracts like; making and installing control panels, installing industrial production lines, making and installing caravans, installing electronic truck scales, providing hospital medical equipment in high international standards and qualities.

ROJDA Company involved in the humanitarian aid supply field and contracting with many INGOs in NES during the last seven years of the Syrian crisis by supplying them with both FIs and NFIs kits in a successful and efficient manner.
Moreover, we have an integrated operational team that has the ability to respond to all emergencies. And has a supply team with the expertise to provide the required materials in cases of the emergencies and the border closure and hard situations.

ROJDA COMPANY depends basically on team work and common efforts of staff based on our slogan: ONE TEAM ONE GOAL which means that all staff and employees are equal and each one of them is an essential part of this company, seeks and tries hard to improve and develop this group as much as he can.